Turning Water into Wine

The signs and wonders performed by Jesus in John’s gospel are meant to communicate a truth for us to take in and believe. As you read the text and contemplate the questions below allow the mystery of God’s awesome love and power fill your heart and mind

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)


God of Wonder,

You seek and save the lost. I admit that I am lost. I put my trust in myself, my family, my intelligence, my culture, my career. Although these are dear to me…   they sometimes encourage me to doubt you and your miraculous works. So often, I seek to explain to myself how your existence is not possible, your love is not real, your will and plan are nothing but figments of some long ago imagination. Still you seek and save the lost. Still you seek and save me. Thank you for your faithfulness. This week help me to suspend the doubt I am holding on to. Encourage me to let go of my small and incomplete grasp of the world and fill me with wonder and awe at the big and complete world that exists just beyond my full awareness.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen


Read John 2:1-12

Week 1: Questions for Reflection

What counts as a miracle in our world? There are stories of healings, people being saved from disasters, answered prayers, things that happen at just the right time. What is the miracle of this story and what makes it miraculous? Make a list of all the miraculous things that have happened to you


Many times, a person’s experience of a miracle is explained away by others (it was coincidence, chance, or luck). Other times people simply reject what they can’t explain. Who in this story believed in the miracle? Who did not? Who simply didn’t engage it? Do you believe in miracles? Why or why not?


How did the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine benefit the people around him? How did it communicate who he is as the God who took on flesh and dwelt among us? How did it communicate his mission to seek and save the lost?