Waretown UMC: Friends with God… Friends with Each Other

Greetings Friends,

I am often asked about the tremendous growth and vitality of Waretown UMC. “How does WUMC stay so active?” “What inspires WUMC people to keep coming, giving, serving, growing?” The answer is pretty simple: we are a church passionate about our friendship with God and our friendships with one another.

Everywhere you look at Waretown UMC you will see, hear, taste, touch, and smell our thankfulness to God for God’s love and friendship. Our incredible Praise Band, as well as our Choir and Traditional Worship musicians, sing out God’s love and grace every week! Often, I catch myself singing or humming a tune of God’s love later Sunday afternoon or even into the week. And, I know I’m not the only one 🙂

Our Children’s and Youth Ministries focus on God’s overflowing love for each and every person. Whether it’s in the immersive week-long experience of VBS, or the weekly teaching and crafts of Sun-day School, or the mission and outreach of Kid’s in Mission, or the creative and exciting activities of the Youth Group, all of our young people are assured of God’s love and encouraged to love God back with their whole hearts, minds, souls, and strength.

It’s not only the kids who get to have weekly faith-filled experiences, there’s plenty for adults as well. We have Women’s Bible Study and Book Discussions, United Methodist Women’s Group, Adult Sunday School, and Pastor-led group faith discussions. Many of these are DVD driven making it possible even for the busiest people to carve out an hour a week to devote to knowing and loving God more.

If music is your thing we’ve also got plenty of opportunity to ‘make a joyful noise’ in response to God’s love. Choir, Bell Choir, the Band, Adult ASL Signing Choir, Kid’s Choir (Super-Singing Signers) and the opportunity for special music like our Christmas Cantata.

If serving and giving back is the way you respond best to God’s love WUMC has Mission Teams, local service projects, church volunteer positions, visiting and assisting elderly or shut-in friends, and community outreach initiatives (including our renowned Next Step: Heroin Addiction Resource Night).

Truly, we are a church ’on fire’ with the love of God even as we seek to express our love for God in return and grow in faith, hope, and love. But, there is another ’love’ at work here at Ware-town UMC… love for one another: friendship. Most of our people join us because they have family, friends and neighbors here. It’s comfortable, inviting, and filled with positive and healthy relationships. And, the great thing about it is this: the same people who make up the church family are also friends and neighbors in the community around us. So, we don’t just see each other on Sunday morning. All week long we see and connect with each other at home, work, school, play, and in our involvement in other community organizations.

At the start of another program year I can’t help but feel tremendously thankful for God’s love and its evidence in the life of the Waretown UMC. I also feel tremendously excited for all the great faith and friendship-building opportunities coming up here in the life of Waretown UMC.

If you have been looking for your first (or next step) in your walk of faith. If you are looking to surround yourself with more positive, healthy friendships. If you are feeling your heart being tugged to give back in serving the church or on a mission in the community. NOW is the time and WARETOWN UMC is the place. Just ask! And we will help get your feet planted solidly on the path of faith!

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Erik