Waretown UMC Summer 2015: Faith, Hope, & Love

Greetings Friends,

Summertime at Waretown UMC means a change of pace, a break from familiar routines, and the opportunity to spend some our summer vacation time growing in faith, building hope and healing, and starting and strengthening positive, healthy, loving relationships. All of us are at our best when we follow Jesus, serve others, and make and build lasting friendships.

We will be sending two full mission teams this summer to rebuild homes and hope in areas that have been facing tough times. First, our youth group will be traveling to Union Beach NJ early in July to work on homes still in need of rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy struck in 2012. Then, in mid-July, our 5th Annual Red Bird Mission Team will be traveling to Thousandsticks Kentucky to work alongside our friends at Thousandsticks UMC helping to repair and improve homes for those in need. While we know that we are making a difference for others when we serve in this way…   God also works to help each team member grow in faith. Every year we hear the same incredible story of children, youth, and adults coming into a fuller faith in God after seeing God’s Spirit and presence in the midst of the mission team’s work and play.

Sunday church is a little different during the summer. Generally, our worship services are smaller due to families being away on vacation. And so, rather than launch our typical ‘worship themes’ that connect 6-weeks of messages together, we will be reflecting on THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT which is Matthew chapters 5-7.  These three chapters contain to core of Jesus teaching and are essential for growing in the faith and life that God has for us. Consider taking these three chapters with you everywhere this summer (the beach, the pool, the cabin by the lake) and read it slowly and thoughtfully over and over again.

Finally, summer at Waretown UMC means some fun and exciting events where we can make new friends as well as enjoy and strengthen current relationships. There are events like our BlueClaws Family Night or our super popular Vacation Bible Camp at the end of August. The Youth Group too has some really cool things planned for Summer, whether it be a tubing trip down the Delaware River or camping on the beach in Wildwood. Remember, not every ‘event’ has to be a planned church-wide affair. Many of our families get together casually, inviting one another over for a barbecue, or to spend the day together at the beach, or even go camping for the weekend. Lots of lifelong friendships have been made around the Waretown UMC during the summer!

Wherever these next two months take you consider making some more room for faith, hope, and love…   you won’t be sorry!

Some featured events:

Commissioning of our Mission Teams.  During all three worship services on Sunday 6/28.

All summer youth group events.  Call Ryan Houlahan 609-709-2991

BlueClaws Concession Stand Fundraising Night. Come and serve concessions and watch the game. Call Laura Pallotta to volunteer 609-548-3345. Approximately $700 can be raised! August 9th 1:05pm game.

BlueClaws Family Night Baseball Game. Tickets on Sale NOW after each Sunday service or call Laura Pallotta 609-548-3345. Approximately $700 can be raised. August 25th 7:05pm game.

Vacation Bible Camp.  EVEREST Expedition. Call Susan at the church office 609-693-3134 for registration or to volunteer. August 17th-21st 9am-12pm.