When Will Things Be Different?

Those of us who are just beginning to take faith seriously may soon begin to ask: “when will things be different?”

When we say this, what we usually mean is: “when will I look, feel, and act better?” or “when will my life begin healing?” or “when will all the messes I’ve made of things finally be cleaned up?”

This is a good question for our Lenten series: Fearless: The Courage to Question. It’s a good question because many of us can lose heart and determination early in our faith walk because we aren’t seeing results. Maybe we’ve asked God for direction…   but all we got was more confusion. Maybe we asked God for healing…   but all we got was more illness. Maybe we asked God for peace…   but all we got was more fear and doubt and grief. But, we may plead, aren’t we supposed to receive direction, healing, and peace?


Still, living life is a messy process…   and sometimes we expect too much too fast: from ourselves, from others, from the world, even from God. This Sunday (all this week actually) we are reflecting on being ‘born again’. This is NOT the stereotypical ‘born again’ zaniness associated with self-titled ‘Born Again Christians’, but the very real and very special experience of transformation all people undergo when they commit themselves to God and seek after God in faith everyday.

Think about ‘birth’ for a moment. It’s messy, it’s scary, it’s painful, it’s fragile…   but it is also love and nurture, and it all takes a lifetime to find fullness.

Being born again is like that I think.