Who Are We?

We all have our jobs in life.

It is amazing how we identify so closely with ‘what we do’. Whether we are a doctor, housewife, mayor, teacher, or Wawa clerk… what we DO, seems to help define ‘who we are’… for good or ill. It’s kind of like being on trial… we give an account of who we are and what we’ve done by referring to our occupation.

It’s OK… to a point, but I would rather we define ‘who we are’ by ‘what we do’ in a realm much higher than mere occupation. I would much rather be on trial, so to speak, and give an account of what I’ve done by referring to my… hope. Paul says in Acts 26:6:

And now I stand here on trial on account of my hope in the promise made by God to our ancestors

The fact of the matter is that no occupation should be the last word on who we are… it should be something more enduring… something more fulfilling. It should be something we can hold onto even if we get fired, change careers, or retire. It should be something that reflects our dreams and passions (we have all had to work jobs that do not reflect our dreams or passions).

Have you been, or put yourself, ‘on trial’ defining yourself by your occupation?

What would change if you regarded your dreams, your passion, and your hope as the basis of who you are?

Are you feeling better already?