Who’s Calling the Shots?

A lot of people say, “I’m spiritual… but not religious”.

Often this is a GOOD thing. It shows that a person cares more about the meaning and purpose of the spiritual life (like love, wellness, faith, good deeds, etc.) than about the ‘rules’ and ‘regulations’ of some institution.

But, sometimes people say, “I’m spiritual but not religious”, and it’s really just another way of saying “I’m doing it MY way”. There isn’t any great meaning or purpose or faith or morality in mind… instead it’s about selfishly feeling good and looking good.

These are tough words, I know, because most of us ‘pick and choose’ how to define our spiritual lives. We accept those things we like, and that fit our lifestyle… and we conveniently ignore those things that challenge us to sacrifice or make a change. We spend a lot of time trying to make God fit OUR expectations, rather than letting God grow us into the masterpiece God has planned.

Paul, In Acts 17 (verses 24 & 25) reminds us of this:

The God who made the world and everything in it, the God who is Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in shrines made by human hands, nor is served by human hands, as though God needed anything, since it is God which gives, to all mortals, life and breath and all things.

When we are sick we go to the doctor. When we need a diet we consult the experts. When we need to excel in some sport we go to a coach or trainer. Why? Because we know that ‘picking and choosing’ according to what WE like, or what fits OUR lifestlye, won’t cut it. In fact, usually it is exactly that kind of choosing that got us sick, flabby, or out of shape to begin with. An expert won’t let us get away with it… they will force us to sacrifice and work hard so that we can grow, be well and thrive.

Let God be your expert.