Wisdom and ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ II

“Our Father who art in Heaven…”

Or, as in Matthew 6:9 puts it, “Our Father in heaven…“, usually makes people think of an old man, with a white beard, up in the sky. And the language is a little funky too… ‘who art’ is not the way we say things anymore, rather, we would say, ‘who is’. And no… God’s name is not ‘Art’ 🙂

If we can put this ‘baggage’ aside, we may be able to see ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ in a new and powerfully relevant light.

God is NOT an old man with a beard in the sky… God is not even male (or female) although many folks feel comfortable referring to God as ‘he’. We read in the Bible that God is Love, God is Spirit, God is Creator.

Heaven is NOT in the sky… it is not even out in deep space although many folks feel comfortable referring to Heaven as ‘up there’. We read much in the Bible about Heaven as the final destination for ‘life after death’, but most basically, ‘Heaven’ is simply THAT PLACE where God FULLY exists as Love, Spirit, and Creator.

When we pray “Our Father who art in Heaven…” we boldly believe that we have access to the God who created all things… and that this God listens and cares.

We know that where we are at right now ain’t Heaven… but God can bring God’s Love, Spirit, and creative powers into our lives right now…

and right where we are, whenever we pray.