Wisdom and ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ III

(remember this prayer can be found in Matthew Chapter 6)

“hallowed be thy name”

I don’t know about you… but the only time I think ‘hallow’, I think Halloween. As it turns out ‘Halloween’ comes from the Scottish term for ‘Eve of all Saints’. Which, in turn, points to the original meaning of ‘hallow’: to make ‘saintly’ or ‘make holy’. Which, in turn, speaks to the original meaning of ‘holy’: to be set apart, in purity and health.

Ok… enough of that. Let’s put this language into something we can connect with today:

“hallowed be thy name…” becomes “you (God) are in a class all your own”.

One of the reasons many religious groups, cults, and personalities fall flat, are discredited, and disappear, is because they choose to ‘worship’ and ‘follow’ and ‘set apart’ something in themselves, or something of the world, as ‘hallowed’ or ‘holy’. But, there is nothing in ourselves or the world that is healthy enough, well enough… pure enough.

This part of the prayer reminds us that God is bigger than any of the junk we see going on in our lives and the world.