Wisdom and ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ IV

“Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

It’s so hard to get out of this outdated language isn’t it? And, there are multiple layers of it. The way we learned (if we ever learned it)‘The Lord’s Prayer’ is with that good ol’ King James flair (thy, thou, art, etc.). On top of that, the actual Bible verse that it comes from, Matthew 6:10, talks about God’s ‘Kingdom’. Kingdoms aren’t something we talk about or understand or deal with these days. Even the title ‘Lord’ may seem like something weird, outdated, and disconnected.

As a pastor trying to start a new church… I am often hanging around Barnegat talking to people about our church and its vision and mission. If I started going on and on about “bringin’ the Kingdom of our Lord God” to Barnegat… I am likely NOT to be successful, and look a little weird in the process. Not because it isn’t true… but just that we don’t understand that language anymore.

Back in the day… each ‘Kingdom’ had its own laws (the Law of the Land) and its own King or ‘Lord’. The understanding and relevance of this line in the prayer is that we specifically and intentionally ASK for some other will and plan to be done OTHER than our own.

It is a ‘miracle’ when I can specifically and intentionally WANT some other will and plan than my own… generally speaking I am rather self-centered and really believe that I have the best will and plan 🙂

How ‘bout you?

Even more miraculous is that when I do specifically and intentionally pray this line (even if I grumble all the way through it)… I find that God’s ‘Law of the Land’ works to the good of the world… and me… more than I could ever have.

Try it