Wise and Foolish Talk

People are crazy around here in the summer!

It’s like people are itchin’ for a fight or something. Just the other day I was stopped at a traffic light on Rte 37 in Toms River watching as an angry cursing argument erupted between people in two different cars… it escalated to one person getting out of their car (yes… right on the highway) and walking over to the other car to pick a fight… stupid.

Another time… just a few days ago… I was walking onto the beach one evening while a very loud and obnoxious woman was screaming someone’s name down the beach. She wasn’t angry or fighting… just trying to get someone’s attention without walking down to where that person was sitting. But, the person was too far away to hear. Instead of being ‘sane’, and walking down the beach, she continued to scream like a little kid… trying to be heard.

I happened to be walking right next to her when she let out a really really really loud and annoying scream… and involuntarily… I squinted and hunched my shoulders, because it actually hurt my ears. She took offense. She yelled after me, as I continued to walk (ignoring her), “what the #@*! is your problem”, and “don’t get eaten by a shark”. I stayed quiet.

God’s wisdom (Proverbs 15:2) says:

The tongue of the wise dispenses knowledge,
but the mouths of fools pour out folly.

Unfortunately, we live in a time and culture that applauds being ‘in your face’ all the time, and we have a lot of folks running around that don’t know when to speak up… and when to shut up. Fools open their mouths to belittle and attack… the wise open their mouths to to build up or repair.

Then… some of us who are neither… just stay quiet.