Works In Progress

We are all works in progress. Let’s face it. The downside to that is it means we are not yet all that we could be, or all that we hope to be. The upside to that is it means there is still time and opportunity for us to grow, change, and transform towards our biggest dreams and deepest desires.

Barnegat Anew too… is a work in progress, and one that we hope will grow, change, and transform as well. We have a big dream and a deep desire to share together in the love of God, create together solutions for daily life, and act together in faith serving the needs of others. We invite you along for the journey.

Over the next few months I will be reflecting here on each chapter in The Acts of the Apostles (or The Book of Acts), which comes right after the four Gospels in the New Testament. These daily reflections will be short, sweet (I hope), and valuable in daily life for all of us as ‘works in progress’.