“A worldview is a set of fundamental beliefs that determines your primary life values, decisions, and actions. Your worldview has more to do with your values than your religion”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p.35)

When we are trying like heck to make some changes in life, getting unstuck, breaking bad habits, gaining more health and vitality, doing good, loving more, etc. we can easily be frustrated by ‘messing up’ or ‘falling back’ into old ways. Sometimes this is caused by the simple fact that we’ve tried to change or take on new beliefs without shifting our worldview and values to match. For example, we might take on the belief, “loving my neighbor as much as I love myself will make me a better person” without shifting our worldview to really value and care for other people. We all know there is a big difference between believing something with our minds…   and acting it out with our hearts and lives.

Our ‘devotion’ in life can only come as a result of commitment to, and investment in, a worldview. Mike Slaughter summarizes four ‘worldviews’ useful for discussing the life of Christian faith. Secular: this is basically the worldview that there is nothing supernatural…   all religion is superstitious, instead, we should value a worldview where human achievement, human society, and human ingenuity, intellect, and wisdom rule. Soft-Secular: this is basically the worldview that SAYS religion, faith, God, and the supernatural are real and important…   but ACTS like the ‘Secular above (human achievement, human society, and human ingenuity, intellect, and wisdom rule). Post-Secular: this is basically the new-age, post-modern worldview that says ‘anything goes’…   if it works for you, it is true for you, it’s all relative. Christian: this is basically the worldview that says God is the source, meaning and author of all life, Jesus called the world to live by loving others, sacrificing for God’s ultimate purpose, and treating our lives as one small part of something way bigger…   God’s will and plan.

These days…   a growing number of people are identifying their selves in terms of secular. In the Christian faith, unfortunately, many people believe they have a Christian worldview…   but they are really thinking and acting either soft-secular or post-secular. Only a very few are on the road to real transformative Christian faith. Only a very few have ‘devotion’ to God defining their lives and charting their path forward.

Are you one of them?

Do you want to be?