Yay Summer is Here!

This week marks the beginning of summer for many of us.

The kids are out of school, vacation plans are set, and calendars are filling up with trips to the beaches, parks, relatives, and other fun destinations.

Very likely, the temptation for normal church-goers is to skip out a Sunday or two. Very likely, the temptation for those who have wanted to begin connecting with a church will be to hold off until the summer is over. After all…   it IS a busy time of year!

Now, I’m certainly not one of those super-tightly wrapped Christians that doesn’t understand a Sunday morning trip to the beach instead of church…   far from it! But what I do encourage is bringing our desire for faith and spirituality with us wherever we go. Here’s how:

  1. If you find yourself in a beautiful place with friends and family all around. Take a moment of thankfulness. Offer a quick and silent prayer to God for the opportunity to enjoy the people and places of the day.
  2. During those extended periods of free time (especially with children) begin a short but regular time of Bible story and discussion. Read a quick story from the Bible that is kid-friendly (if you need suggestions just contact me) and start a short discussion that gets the whole family thinking about the faith dimension of our lives.
  3. Summer is a great time for blockbuster movies. After seeing one, spend a few minutes with the family discussing some aspect of the movie that has to do with faith. It may be a moral issue, it may be a relationship issue, it may be a courage and adventure issue. Love, peace, justice, service, kindness, ‘doing what’s right’, and sacrifice are common issues in movies AND the life of faith.
  4. Summer is also a good time for starting NEW routines while the old ones (of school, sports, activities, etc.) are on break. Maybe begin a morning, mealtime, or bedtime prayer time (2-3 minutes).
  5. Finally, many churches are open and welcoming for new families through Sunday celebrations, Vacation Bible School, Youth programs, Summer studies for all ages. Stop in…   and participate!

We at Waretown/Barnegat Anew hope your summer is fun and faith FILLED. We would like to be a part of your summer. Stop by or contact us:

Sunday Celebrations 11am on Sunday

email Pastor Erik at erik@barnegatanew.org