Your Faith Has Made You Well

“Get up and go on your way; your faith has made you well.”

Jesus says these words quite often…   “your faith has made you well”. But, at no other time are these words more striking than in Luke 17:11-19. The back story is that 10 people dying of leprosy call out to him for healing, and so…   he heals them. All go rushing off into the world with their new found health and new found hope…   but one returns to Jesus to offer a deep, personal thanks. Jesus remarks, ‘didn’t I heal 10…   what happened to the other 9?’ (my paraphrase).

Simply put, the other 9 were so focused on their new found health…   that they forgot it was a GIFT, a good deed of grace and mercy. What makes this story so striking is that although all 10 received their ‘health’…   only one was made ‘well’…   and that was not through healing but through FAITH.

There are ‘givers’ and there are ‘takers’ in this world. Takers will never really be made well…   but only made well FOR NOW. Health is fleeting, so is success, beauty, money, pleasure, security, and many other things we focus on and cherish. Givers, on the other hand, give because the are thankful…   and being thankful is a way of looking at the world…   a way of cherishing what has been received to the point that you just have to give back…   and show thanks.

Faith is not just believing in something…   it is having the courage to live in response to that something. Taking is selfish…   giving is faith!

This will be the topic of our inspirational message at our Preview Party this Sunday: pizza party, live music, good conversation, and children’s activities (6pm-8pm at the Barnegat Recreation Center 900 West Bay Ave). Come and see!